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IWD Hosting Options:


There are hundreds of hosting options on the web, here are the ones I prefer to use:


Regular Hosting

The most common kind of hosting option. I am a GoDaddy hosting reseller and have found their tech support to be quite helpful.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

With shared hosting your website is on the same server as hundreds of others. Quite possibly someone else’s poor performing site could could make your website perform slowly.

The three main advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting are:

  1. Faster loading speed.
  2. Automated backups.
  3. WordPress specific support from people that really understand

If things go awry, you want a hosting company that not only knows what to do but will take care of it. When you call with a hosting issue you do not want the person to tell you it's not their problem.
It is possible that eventually something will happen where you may need to contact them, what you want is someone who is calm, smart, and knowledgeable enough to take care of you.

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Please note: you will still need regular updates to the WordPress framework and plugins for security.